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About the book

From those that follow me anywhere, you already know that I’m a colorful character. The content that I drop is NOT the common stuff you’ll read out there. This is not yet another book you’ll forget on your kindle. This is high quality stuff that may lead to 3-10 ideas per read, and can certainly strongly impact your life/business.  

If you too have a “idea testing mindset”, this book will deliver top value, more than 95% books out there. It’s kind of a Naval’s Almanack, if you’re familiar. Shortish posts. Really digestible. Not a “here’s my boring@ss story and me me me look at me” type of book. Multiple brain snacks going right through your brain. Thousands of small new ideas to test in your life and business. Test 10, maybe 1 can significantly impact your life. That’s The Way.

All of that, for free 🙂 Wait, but why?

I’m a strong believer in open-sourcing things and giving out to humans, and making this world better. All my mentors did.

– Charles Cormier, CEO of TopLead

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