Closing as a Service.

Having run our own marketing agency for around 3 years and knowing how to close transactions for one, TopLeads offers “closing as a service” to forward-looking marketing agencies.

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Closing as a Service for Hypergrowth Agencies.
We book calls
We close deals.
Share you the data
You retain clients


We charge 2k per month + a 20% recurring commission on everything we close.

We take care of meetings generating and closing. It’s an all-in-one package. All you need to do is onboard the clients we close for you.

We generate approx 5-10 meetings a month. Our closing rate is around 30%. That means we’ll onboard 1-3 clients per month for you.

Your packages need to be higher than 1.5k/month. The odds are that you won’t make any profits the first month, but then profits will start racking in after the first month. You need to have a high retention rate and LTV to use this service.

We only select specific agencies for this service. Agencies with strong brands and very well-rounded in operations/CS, yet average in sales.

Email Outreach
Highly relevant emails sent to the right target will make you go nuclear before you notice.
Calls Outreach
Cold call isn’t dead. That is if you have the right data paired with the right calling tech, in the hands of a highly-skilled SDR.
LinkedIn Outreach
When done well, LinkedIn Outreach can be a great source of leads. People like speaking to people.  
List Building
Quality Data is essential to the success of a campaign. Trust our smart technology to get you in front of the right prospect.
We get on the phone with 5 to 10 prospects a month. Send them pitch decks via email after the Zoom. Get on a second phone call to close. We send the payment links, the contracts. When it’s paid, we hop on a kickstart call with you to transfer the client. Bingo, boom, set, done. Now you work on retaining that client. We only work with client with a retention rate north of 50% on a 3 months basis aka after 3 months 1 client out of 2 will pay you again. We may help you upselling and keeping the client.

Why Closing as a Service?

You’re great at products but suck at sales.

•You want to spend your time renewing clients, not hunting for new ones

•Outreaching gives you headaches

•You don’t want to hire a full sales team that’ll cost you north of 100k per year.

•You want to keep growing

•You don’t want to interview sales people that’ll trick you into hiring yet won’t deliver

•You understand that an agency is the best tools paired with the best humans = great results

•You don’t want to spend your time building sales processes

•You don’t want to spend 20k a year on sales tech

Criterias to fit with TopLeads

-You have an established product-market fit
-Your target is well defined.
-Your offer is clear and attractive.
-Your LTV is higher than 2k.
-Your closing rate is higher than 10%.
-Your sales cycle is relatively short.
-You can invest in us over the long term.

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