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We book quality appointments in your calendar using smart multi-touch campaigns including Email Outreach, Calls and LinkedIn Outreach.

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As most successful startups, TopLeads started out as a self-serving venture. Our founder Charles was building various B2B startups and was disappointed in the ROI of marketing platforms. Having a sales background, Charles looked at more traditional methods like calling, emailing, and LinkedIn Outreach. He saw that the sales industry hadn’t modernized in a while and decided to start offering “SDRing as a Service” to other ambitious startups looking for growth.

Email Outreach
Highly relevant emails sent to the right target will make you go nuclear before you notice.
Calls Outreach
Cold call isn’t dead. That is if you have the right data paired with the right calling tech, in the hands of a highly-skilled SDR.
LinkedIn Outreach
When done well, LinkedIn Outreach can be a great source of leads. People like speaking to people.  
List Building
Quality Data is essential to the success of a campaign. Trust our smart technology to get you in front of the right prospect.
Complete Multi-Touch Campaign
80% quality, 20% quantity. Be in front of the right prospect with the right message enough times, and he’ll want to know more about your offering. Multi-touch campaigns may include Emails, Calls and LinkedIn Outreach to generate you quality meetings.

Why Outsourced SDR?

Saved time and energy in training.

•Can be ran side by side with your existing initiatives. We need your specific knowledge, you need our sales knowledge.

•Scalable: we’ve got the playbooks, hiring machine and training machine to scale.

•We pay the tech and set it up; no headaches.

Criterias to fit with TopLeads

-You have an established product-market fit
-Your target is well defined.
-Your offer is clear and attractive.
-Your LTV is higher than 2k.
-Your closing rate is higher than 10%.
-Your sales cycle is relatively short.
-You can invest in us over the long term.

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