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Mastermind with a bunch of other smart agency founders in Mexico. Insights guaranteed. Win-win. Add value, take value.

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A Mastermind that’ll give you a 10-50X ROI.
2022 GOALS
Recharge your batteries
Acquire 10x knowledge.
Develop biz opportunities.


So Charles has been living in Mexico for quite a while now. He’s also been coaching various agency founders for some time. He had the idea to merge these 2 worlds together.  The Mastermind is going to be in Huatulco, Mexico. Huatulco is the dream place on the west coast. It’s not as touristic as Cancun, yet luxurious, and has some virgin beaches. It will be a once-in-a-lifetime trip as I know the place myself, having lived there for a while.

Not a booze trip.
This is not a booze trip. This is a habit-building trip that’ll have you leave, smarter, healthier, and better. You 2.0, literally.  More sleep, better food, more exercise, etc.
Time to recharge.
You can expect replenishing times during this Mastermind. You’ll come out of there with game-changing knowledge and a precise game plan for 2022.
Fun, too.
We’ll do activities on a daily basis, ie diving, jungle trekking, temazcales. We’ll also do daily: HIITs, yoga, meditation, eat great food by our private chef. You’re in Mexico.
Connect with owners.
Connect with fellow agency owners, learn their struggles and victories, and make partnerships happen.
Discounts and freebies
You’ll get a bunch of free stuff, like Charles’ cold email inforproduct, and discount on any other TopLeads products you buy. Plus, friendships and connexions FOR LIFE!


Day 1: 2022 Goals draft
•Day 2: Sales: SDR & Closing
•Day 3: MarketingDay 4: Ops
•Day 5: HR Day 6: Finances
•Day 7: 2022 Goals Finalization

Criterias for the Master

– Agency owner
– Open mind
– Note-taker
– Action-taker
– Win-win mindset
– Risk-taker, willing to go out of comfort to 10X
– 2021 money to invest in 2022.

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