7 niches that you should hit today

November 15, 2022

  1. LinkedIn agencies
    You may get 10k’s of followers through viral posts on LinkedIn. LinkedIn agencies get good money. The demand is strong and they can pay you.
  2. Nocode SAAS
    nocode/low code is all the trend now.
  3. YC-funded startups
    the best startups in the world! they’ve got cash and they have the hunger for growth.
  4. tech-focused PR firms
    with all these layoffs happening, Big Tech is hiring Big PR for Big Tech PR. Get a piece of that.
  5. noise-cancelling softwares
    with all these zoom meets and these busy at-home lives, the demand for noise-cancelling SAAS is huge. Prospect those :)
  6. podcast agencies
    Podcast-starting is still very much popular. Podcast agencies are great clients.
  7. chrome-ext software agency
    software agencies making Chrome apps may be interesting for you to hit up :)
  8. Bonus: content agencies
    Content agencies that’d produce blogs like this one! Content is king. These are great clients.

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