Are startups hard?

October 4, 2022

asking an entrepreneur if startups are hard won't provide you much insights.entrepreneurs have leveled up their mindset to qualify any hard thing under the sun as "easy". Also, they forget how hard it was.So let met give you a long story short of startups and their level of difficulty. They are fucking hard. But your brain is very adaptable, too, given the space and time. The key relies in patience, self-care, and a bunch of other mental models that will give your brain time to adapt to this alien environment.But yeah, make no mistakes. Every single company you see there, on the Fortune 500, were moments from failing at some point, and went through PTSD inducing events. No one really had it easy. We all sacrificed something at some point or the other. This is the beauty and the bestiality in this market: pros balance the cons, and vice-versa. Energy is never lost. You can microhack yourself there, but it won't be without eating it.The key is in pain management aka grit. Creating mindsets that will allow you to become You 2.0. Pain and "hard" become fun gamified problems to solve. So the question isn't really even the right one. The question is: "Am I adaptable enough / do I have the adaptability potential to survive and thrive in this jungle?''

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