Are you taking enough shots?

October 8, 2022

Are you taking enough shots?some folks hate me when I say that, but you sometimes need to sacrifice quality for quantity in the name of scientific growth.How can you know if you're funny if you're not pulling jokes to a wide audience, frequently?How can you know if your LinkedIn outreach works, if you're not taking risks and sending these cool openers to new connections?People are too obsessed with only winning and have risk PTSD nowadays.Sure, it's comfortable at the top, but how boring?Now we know the extremes of that strategy. We see em on TV often. Don't go there, but AB test in everything you do. It will then become a habit. And occasionally, you will hit gold.Side-effects include removing your ego, and not caring about public perception.Think I'm not practicing this, with my 2 likes/linkedin posts?Look closer, and you'll see a mad scientist trying to crack relativity.

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