before it's too late

June 27, 2022


One of my greatest cringes, speaking to 10 prospects a day, is hearing someone say “I rely on mostly one word of mouth and referrals”.

Right there, this tells me 2 things:

1) this is a small business. 1 channel of growth = slow growth. I don’t typically do well with these kinds of biz. I am aiming for high growth, any areas of life. Surviving is boring.

2) They are strongly vulnerable to market fluctuations.

Putting all your eggs in 1 basket it bolds. Dumb bold. Dumbledore? Harry was going after The Snitch sure, but while his buddies were going after the Bludger and the Quaffle.

Sorry for the Quidditch analysis, but yeah, some people make look sales like sorcery, while I prefer to make it look like magic.Sales is simple. Multiple lead gen channels. Multiple streams of revenues (products). Multiple audiences. Couple of correlations. 10X your casino-money on these winners. Easy breezy.

Folks, haven’t we learned from the start of Covid? Maybe I’m an exception here again, but I didn’t receive any government help package since this started. As a radically independent dude, I chose to depend on the most reliable person. I know: myself. Check history, and how government’s have always failed their people. Not their fault. Just human nature, caring for everyone is impossible.

Now, that extremely independent person happens to rely on the single and most reliable business area: sales. Sales’ the engine of a business. Still true. Forever true.Sales, unlike marketing, is mostly cheap, once set out the right way. Talking about cold email here. I’m not reliant on Facebook refusing my ads or banning my accounts. I’m reliant on a technology nearing 6 decades in existence: e-mail. Email won’t break by tomorrow. Everyone checks their e-mail. Name me 1 serious CEO that checks his TikTok/IG/FB daily.

This is a wake-up call. If you’re looking at this newsletter, it’s likely we’ve spoken in the past couple of months. It’s likely you’ve never taken action on cold email. Not necessarily using my cold email services, but just trying outreach tools and generating at least 6 quality meetings per week, closing 2. I do this stuff for clients. I teach this stuff. An entrepreneur’s responsibility is to build an anti-fragile business. It’s easy to ride a government-pulled wakeboard. Harder to catch a wave. There are multiple ways to get you back to the beach.

This recession hasn’t fully taken form yet, but I can tell you, as someone that lost 95% of its clients when Covid started (realtors), I learned even more to have ABCDEFG’s, but also to prevent 1 to 0’s from happening.

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