🧙🏿 dark cold email wizardry

October 5, 2022


After running 1000+ cold email campaigns, here are insights on what type of campaign tends to work best, nowadays.1-city / country campaignsYou just mention your prospect’s city / country in the title and in the e-mail. Works all the time.{{city}} fintech startups like {{Company}}2-3 ideas campaigns3 cold email ideas for {{Company}}3-free next thursday 3pm ? campaignsfinish up with this call to action ^^. Most prospects won’t be free but will suggest you another time4-Hyper-niched campaignsGoing after hyperniches like insuretech companies in Prague.5-Short emailsE-mails that are very short, and usually ask a question.{{firstname}}, was wondering if u’d be free next thursday at 3pm… I had 3 cold email ideas I wanted to share about {{Company}} vs. other insuretechs in Prague.See how I combined everything here ^^6-No caps emails written on cellphone in dri-thrulowcaps email convert more as they look more genuine.Hope you’ll make good use of those!

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