energy coaching

August 24, 2022


you should know by now that I don’t disappoint on the knowledge I share here.

This one isn’t going to be any different :)

I discovered something quite very much powerful this week. I’ve known it for a while, but the lesson really locked in this week.

From me managing so many emotional states nowadays, this one’s very, very handy.It’s called energy coaching.So basically, you can try all you want to coach someone to action, but whenever their state is cloudy/sad/angry, you will have 0 to none impact.

This is the same reason why information is lost during meetings. Why change doesn’t happen. Why managers lose their time repeating themselves.

So take the person you manage or you are trying to help.

You’ll want them in a top energetic state before you meet with them. Whether that’s an employee or a client. Develop a pre-meeting energy checklist:


-7 mins breathwork

-5mins yoga

-anything that will change their state from passive to active

You don’t do anything until they have their states fixed. I don’t care about the introvert BS out there, anyone that’s not alive, not quick-minded and highly motivated in a convo, I cut the convo right there. They either get on my high frequency or take the door. I usually won’t ever higher these low-energy folks, for a start.

Now this may sound very Tony Robbinsy because it is, but mental state is pretty much everything in life. Good news is you can change that state.

The mistake I found in founders is that they don’t check in on their team’s mental states prior to meetings. Make your team stand up, dance, agitate them, make it a party. Tony does the same before he starts his shows, ask yourself why for 2 seconds.

So why don’t you apply it to your business? Because it feels awkward? Everything does at first. Try it, it won’t hurt.

I personally LOVE to go into breath work when I see that my team’s/client’s energy is down. THEN ONLY, do I start to knowledge-assault them. Else, they will be 0 receptive and as a result, retain 0 information.Lots of people talk about technicality in coaching and meetings, but little zoom in on the most important factor: human energy. Biohacking has been my unfair advantage for all these years.

Now, the harder your meeting, the more biohacks are gonna be needed. Since everyone has access to air and movement, I tend to include those a lot in my meets, not only at the beginning, but maybe in the middle, and why not, at the end.

If I am giving bad news to someone, we’ll breathe it out together. As leaving a human being covered in the shit you gave em, is just, well, not human.Think about the wisdom up there, this could save you many of your relationships + drive exceptional business reasons. And we’re in these games, after all, aren’t we?Let’s go all out!

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