October 3, 2022

founder-market-fit's a cool concept. Semantically speaking, it is the same advice I often give which is to find something you LOVE doing, as in the low money times, you will keep going.As an investor, you'll indeed want to look with someone that has a track record obsessing with x topic, and that is likely to obsess more with that thing for 10+ years.. especially if that thing is something likely to pay massive dividends... AI, web3, fintech, biotech, etc.First, everyone has a passion for money.Second, you can teach yourself to be passionate about one thing. In my case, that has been sales (related to first point). I've been huge on biohacking in the last couple years, too.Third, the jackpot is founder-product-market-fit. If you get that, you know you'll do you have founder-market-fit?do you have founder-product-market-fit?

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