How to ask the right questions

October 5, 2022

-Children's are taught to answer questions at school, while they should be taught at first to ask the right questions.Very worrying to see that I developed my questioning skills around the age of 25. 95% of humans will never develop good questioning skills.Children's, especially, are seeking for answers. The best way to get an answer is to ask the right question. Becoming a little interviewer / having their own small podcast might be the best way to get there.Now sure, lots of children's ask a lot of questions at a young age, but I feel this reflexes is killed as soon as they enter school and become “answer machines”.Starting a podcast for me was one of the top 5 learning models I've utilized this year.I feel innovation in the education sector has been almost nonexistent for quite a while now. After all, teachers are also thought by the same old government-based system. Most are stuck in "execution 9 to 5" mode instead of giving out ideas to improve the whole system.I have so much more to suggest for that system to improve, my talk with Nuria yesterday made this all so evident.What other ideas would you suggest to make the education sector better?

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