I typically don't respond to emails

September 28, 2022


About 15% of my calls start with “I don’t typically respond to these type of emails”. Notice the “these type”. It’s like if people are talking about cold email as garbage, as something dark or taboo.Well, let me tell you folks, that I too, do not usually respond to “these emails”.Most of these emails suck, truth be told. They are long, too professional, and boring.I make cold e-mail hot.What you will read in my e-mails is uncommon. It will definitely cause the brain to stop, and maybe read more. Catch interest in some shape or form.Here’s a bullet point list on how to have your emails read:Keep your titles shortKeep your body shortMake them look different from your competition’s emailswrite like if you were in a drive-thruadd emojis in titlesuse words that your prospects often usedon’t overkill personalizationgo niche by niche

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