if I ever close down

July 11, 2022


The #1 business goal is not to make a fortune, but to be anti-fragile freedomwise.

Many rich people had their freedom taken away during recessions. These folks are, by definition, poor.

I’ve seen many business owners get excited after a 1M+ dollar deal, and all of a sudden having this 1 giant client fuelling 50% of their business. I’ve also seen them loose that client, and go bankrupt before they realized their own naïveté.

It’s just basic human nature. “We’ve worked so hard” that when we reached a micro top, we start relaxing into complacency. No more need to fetch new clients. We’re all good, we’re millionaires now, that’s what good life looked like. This is the 2000s way of looking at things.

The new rich build bulletproof businesses. MOATs, castles, whatever you want to call them. You might succeed getting near their castles, but you have to go over water to get in. Then scale the walls. Good luck with that. Then go through 2-5 additional security layers, before you can get to the king.

See those layers of security as your different lead gen channels. Channels that just keep on giving, magically. Channels that you can consistently rely on. Channels that have a 50+ year track record of not breaking (hrem, facebook ads, the door, plz). Referrals might be one, inbound might be another. But what about outbound?

The best channel that I found to consistently give me results AND scale up, is this simple thing called cold email. Most founders give it the cold shoulder, yet surprisingly, the ones that master it, can’t keep talking about it. Because it just keeps on giving. It’s the closest thing to a modern gold mine.

There’s a castle around cold email. I succeeded in sneaking in. It took me a while. But I got to the king and deconstructed its essence. For you. Now, if you want to hire me as a mercenary to get the job done for your company, fine. Some hire me as their strategist/general (coach) only, that’s fine too, I can tell you exactly what to do to be successful (10-100+ meetings/month). Now you choose.

But sitting back and watching the shitshow unfolding isn’t part of the plan. Sure, I’ve studied economy lately, lots, but still can’t figure how it will negatively affect me. Hint: it won’t.

If you don’t have a lead cow that constantly can be milked, then you are in great danger, my friend. Do not starve out there. Reach out, and I’ll help you create your own personal MOAT, so you can be the GOAT.

The Cold Poet,

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