If you cancelled a meet

July 5, 2022


Yet, I’d invite everyone to keep their communications high during these interesting times.

Here are my personal punctuality/communication/meetings attendance rules:

-If I arrive late to a meeting, I tend to advise a couple mins before.I will always attend a meeting, even if late. I might just be stuck in another meet or in a copywriting flow state, pardon my French.

-If the person didn’t show up, I will send a rescheduling

-If it’s my calendar, I will attend. I won’t cancel 15 mins before because I feel tired or just don’t want to show up. I respect other people’s time and most importantly, show up.

-If I don’t show up to meetings or cancel them 5 mins before, I’ll be sloppy in all other life areas.

-If I reschedule from a tight schedule, it will be at least 15 hours before the meeting, giving the other person time to fill up the spot.

I’ve seen some over-punctual rules as well lately, which I don’t adhere to:

arriving earlier to a meeting. Nope. It’s either right on time 80% of time, 15% 1-3mins late. If my meet still hasn’t arrived, I will send them a reminder. And I will keep on working while the meeting join.

Who waits in 2022? #alwaysproductiveleaving after waiting a couple mins. Why did you leave? Out of frustration to “your precious time?” You could have made work happen during this time, so the other party didn’t disrespect your time. This shows ego and crybaby behavior, I typically stay away from these. Successful people always arrive on time or a couple mins late. Now 15mins-30mins-45mins late, this is a joke. But my meets last 15 mins, and I’m back-to-back-to-back daily, so never wait more than 15 mins. Oh, and me arriving a couple mins late do not tell you anything about my ability to perform. You might just wanna guess my horoscope while you’re at it. What will truly tell you about someone is their general ability to communicate. See the first 5 rules written over.

What do you think about my communications standards? Any rules you’d add?

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