"let's book a call" to action

July 1, 2022


Outdated sales people or sales traumatized people view “let’s book a call” as a win-lose proposition. I pitch, you listen. The goal is one-sided. For you to buy. For me to get richer.

But no, the new sales mentality, especially if you’re a founder, is that disco calls are win+win.Sure, I’ll present my product during the call, but so will you. These calls have become consulting calls. You know, the 15 mins you’d pay for $300 15 years ago? You get it now for free with knowledgeable folks. You walk out better off these calls, not stressed.

And it’s not necessarily that we consultants want to add value to you. The ego-driven human is naturally inclined to “impress you” with his knowledge just so you can tell him how good he is. Think of business lawyers doing 15 mins free consults. It’s not really because they want to help you. They just want to prove they’re smart.

Lots of smart folks actually take demo calls for that very reason. They know they aren’t obliged to buy. They have questions, and need answers. So they hop on the phone call, listen, ask their questions, and if they feel the offer’s good enough, and it’s the right time to buy, they’ll pull the trigger.

Same with folks that visit open houses, but rarely buy. We can’t be mad at them. They are just slower on the decision-making process. They add value to the realtor, by helping him practice, making him smarter, etc. Hence, I argue here, the good ole “sales call” is very much useful, for both parties.

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