mindsets vs. cold email

July 20, 2022


Listening to a Mike Tyson podcast yesterday, he was telling us how “I’ve always let people / events come to me”. The pull method is indeed quite handy, but I think, ultimately, this approach has more in common with leaving your life to destiny than the new hustling generation of startup founders out there. You can rest assure that I’ll be able to back my trillions with precise action points, and little will “luck” have played a role in my success.

Reaching out kills the ego out of you, just like standup comedy does. Mr Beast reaches out to folks out there to pick their brain about various topics. I’ve gone on a phone call with one of my top mentors recently, Ben Greenfield. A mix of pushing and pulling is needed, in this world. I’d hate to leave my success to destiny, or to luck. If anything, I force serendipity to happen, constantly.

To have 1 channel as the cause of my success would be scary. And more specifically, to have this feeding tube plugged off at any moment, to me, would be unsustainable. Fame is great, and having stuff come to you is great too. Yet to me, the moguls on this planet Earth reach out relentlessly. They don’t wait. They go for what they want.

And most importantly, they experiment. You are vulnerable if you don’t have an ABCDEFG plan. Mike Tyson tasted failures multiple times in his career. Fortunately, his wife manages his businesses now and his podcast is a resounding success.

So don’t wait to be punched in the mouth to have a backup plan. We business owners get socked multiple times per year, especially in recessions. Let go of arrogance, and start collaborating more, reaching out more, testing new ideas.

Cold email can be your greatest vehicle for that :)

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