Most entrepreneurs seek magic paths

October 1, 2022

most entrepreneurs are seeking the magic path to wealth and success, but how about starting with the basics?to me, being 10 years in the game, starting from these first principles feels like childcare, but hey, maybe this can be useful to some.apart from the ambition I always had when starting, my memory keeps bringing me back to this phrase I used to obsess over: "Action over words". Quite easy to remember.This means showing up. This means doing what you said you would. To me nowadays, this is second nature, but looking from at me from an external perspective, I am an accomplishment machine.I set to-do's in my calendar. And I show up, all the time. Now, I might be late sometimes, but I still get the thing done. This is the key right there, if you're starting.If you can't get the "getting stuff done" formula, you might as well turn back to 9 to 5 easylife, as this entrepreneurial stuff will not work for you.Getting shit done is a habit. It's a system, it's a mindset. Get that one right and you might have a chance at greatness.

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