Nathan mayer Rothschild

October 8, 2022

Nathan Mayer Rothschild - a tycoon born before it's time. 3 strategies that the helm of the Rothschild family empire used to conquer markets.

1 - Nathan had the information before anyone else. His messenger relayed him the outcome of the Battle of Waterloo before the Queen herself. He used this information to move markets. Speed is keen as a trader. Lots of modern finance tycoon utilize this playbook.

2- Nathan dealt with clients at the highest levels: governments. These were the most reliant customers back in the days. Humongous deals. If the governments bailed, Rothschild was connected with other countries, enough to cause a scene, granted he didn't get his loans paid back.

3- Nathan operated on trust and secrecy. It was a family business, and spent time training his children's for his succession. Although the wealth of the Rothschild family declined in the last century, it did stretch out than most family fortunes. Having a net of international trusted connections did well for the Rothschild.

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