Offers & cold email

November 7, 2022

Years in the cold email game, my main insights are the same as in everyday business: it's all about the offer.

This doesn't mean that research is not important, or using the right tech, just that the offer is what will get your cold emails the most responses.

Hence, my main value-creation as a CEO, for my clients and for my sales department, is sitting down, and coming up with the best offers possible.

This means, once we narrow down our search to near ubiquitous highly qualified prospects, that I'm going to throw them an offer they can't refuse.

This may take the shape and form of a neat personalized report about {{how to increase your biotech leads 2X/m-t-m basis}} or sending them a {{roadmap to predictable 15k/month for their agencies}}.

Alex Hormozi's genius is the offer-obsession. Now, my science is not directing the leads to buying straight-up, but accepting a meeting.

Meetings = data.

Meetings = qualification.

Meetings = ability to sell high ticket

Meetings = custom upsells/downsells

Meetings = human connections

Cold email's the best way to meet.

Now what will be your offer to have me accept 15 mins with you?

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