teaching you how to generate 100+meets/month

July 25, 2022


Cold email allows me to generate approx 50 meetings/week.

My top client generated 100 meetings/month with my coaching.

With a 30% closing rate, you can imagine the outcome. I teach this science to the best founders, CEOs, and sales leaders out there.

It includes my video training, bimonthly calls, and my best converting scripts. You get the full setup of a machine/system that will constantly book you qualified calls, for life.For 1.2k/month or 3k for 3months. My schedule allows for 3 more coaching clients right now.

Prices will increase in the next months. 2023, truth be told, I plan to price all my services at a minimum of 2k/month. My competition charges 5k/month, and we plan to reach this pricing level in late 2024.

Jump on it.

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