The missing link to your knowledge strategy

October 1, 2022


One of my great innovations this year as been fixing a gap between my learning system and my content system. Let me explain.I use an app called Pocket to save articles on my computer, from my Chrome Browser Extension.I then read these articles at night, in bed, on my tablet. I highlight the important parts of these articles.The next day, I can see these highlighted parts on the pocket app on my Mac.I then produce content with these highlighted parts, on my LinkedIn, on this newsletter and on my blog.This approach is “genius” for so many reasons, but it basically allows my brain to synthesize information by not only reading about it, but putting action with what I learn. I get feedback/comments on my trains of thoughts, and can rapidly improve them.My audience also gets exclusive knowledge that they are not likely to get elsewhere.My brain gets smarter and smarter as days go by, allowing me to filter out a specific business case to my existing brain algorithm.This is, ultimately, how media empires are forged.I intend to take this system as far as it can go, share it with my team, but with you too, dear subscriber.Enjoy,

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