Top 3 cold email strategies

November 10, 2022

  1. showing a report
    “Hey Charles, my company does linkedin and I’ve made a quick report on stuff you could improve on your LinkedIn. Mind if I show it to you?”
    The strategy here is to show work for free, even before we ask something out of the prospect. Once they reply, you book a meeting with them, and prepare a report in the meanwhile. Your report is indeed ready, you just fill in the blank for the prospect’s company in due time.
  2. quick email
    “{{firstname}}, got something I’d like to show you that’s proven to 8.6X fintech’s customer retention. {{Company}} would dig. Free tomorrow for a 7mins call?"
    The goal here is to A-B with long-short. I like sending one long descriptive email. One short. One long. So that the prospect already knows what you do from memory, and you just hit them with the easiest call to action ever, leading to action.
  3. reply-based strategies
    “{{firstname}}, have you seen CB Insight’s report on digital twins? Pretty sure your biotech could apply point #6 - growth through customer data insights. Is that something {{Company}} intended to do in Q4?”
    The goal here is not to go for conversion yet. You need to be patient. You cast the net wide initially, and once you get a reply, then you go for the catch.
    “sure {{firstname}}. just wanted to underline that I’ve studied your data team’s structure and I think a fractional CDO could be exactly what you’re looking for, granted {{Company}}’s targeting {{CaseStudy1}}. {{NicheZ}} could also be wonderful to extract data and partnering with {{Competitor1}} one this could make tons of sense. I’ve made a quick report here, and I thought I’d share with you rather than {{Company}} spending 350k on a Bain report. lmk if this is worth your time.”
    The reply’s the trap, the final blow is your reply to a reply.

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