What does a decade in etrepreneurship look like?

October 7, 2022

a decade in entrepreneurship, what are my top 3 "keep it broad" insights?1- No better Life ROI than entrepreneurship. Seek easiness and you shall get hardship. I am 1000X better human because of Enlightenment Through Entrepreneurship (future book title).2- Start somewhere, immediately, test and scale. Microsoft wasn't built in 1 hour. Prototyping quick is your only shot at living the life you truly want/deserve. I became so adaptable repeating this formula over and over again, that if you "throw me naked in an Indonesian jungle, I'll survive and build an empire" - me on a podcast yesterday. We humans complicate stuff. Keep it fucking simple.3- Recent realization but the hypergrowth entrepreneurship gets you into will funda-mentally change you. So much so, that you will need to break your past shell. Only your partner/close family may try to follow up with NewYou. The rest will have to be left behind, and that hurts, that's uncomfortable. Be ready to face the most obscure parts of yourself. Growthurts. But oh is the view so worth it up there :)

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