where do I get these titles

July 14, 2022


“Where do you get all these headline ideas?”

I just write down what’s going through my head, then execute on these ideas.

I take notes physically but also onmy various devices: tablet, computer and phone.

My ideas are great, not so much so because I’m smart, but because I listen to lots of smart folks talk on youtube, via audiobooks, or by reading wikipedia and other smart wrtiers.

Headlines, in the writing world, are essential. They dictate open rates. You want to keep em short. Less then a couple of words. You then want to generate human emotion, most of the time curiosity, or some kind of emotion that’ll push the user to open the email.

Most aren’t capable of resisting a shocking headline. Now don’t look cheesy, “the 7 secrets of ___” is gone. So 2010. Check what millenials are up to for inspiration.

Great writers go agaisn’t the flow, and their writings are a piece of art. Maybe I should NFT my posts or sometyhing. But I break the rules, and doing so grants me the respect of most.

Write as if you were talking to a friend, or like if you were SMSing someone. Don’t use professional boring jargon.

So there, a couple of tips here. Work your headlines. Results will follow.

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