why I don't follow up much

September 25, 2022


Sales is not about increasing the closing rate, really.It’s about finding as many qualified leads as possible.Clients that will buy your solution and return, again and again.So, I WILL follow up, if the prospect is say more than a 9/10 fit with my company. For the sake of reminding.My ICP is a tech CEO making more than 2M per year, and seeking to grow via a scalable cold email process.I do not want to force a lead into buying my product. They will go in at their own rhythm, so that if we find out that we’re not a good fit along the way there, they won’t feel scammed. I don’t oversell, ever.So, although I do have financial objectives on a monthly basis, I will not rush prospects to the cashier.I will let them decide, and have them make an informed, mature, business decision.I am planning to do business with my prospects for a lifetime, hence rushing things won’t bring any value.You get the point by now.Aim to meet more potential prospects, and screen them. Only let in the best. Change your mindset. View them as yourself, as a human.If the fruit is ripe, pick it up. If it’s not, leave it there, and pick it up later. Subscribe them to your newsletter/social medias so that they can understand your thought leadership.Once they’re ready, they’ll let you know.Hope that could be useful :)

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