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SDRs are a special breed of humans. TopLeads hooks you up.
SDRs that get you meets in cal.
Hustlers, not fakers.

Specific personnalities
High EQ SDRs

Long SDR Story Short.

Top SDRs are tough to find. Like gold. After interviewing thousands, we decided it was time to offer our expertise to our clients. We basically send you a bunch of qualified SDR interviews in your calendar so you can recruit right and fast.

You want choice.
We book you a bunch of qualified interviews in your calendar so you can recruit the cream of the crop.
You want simple.
Interviews in your calendar. That simple.
You want ROI.
Our SDRs are experienced and have a track record at top companies.
You need vetted SDRs.
Our SDRs are screened for rapid onboarding. The result: learning curved diminished by 50%.
No % of salary taken
We do monthly. No need to commit for the long term. We do best with clients with constant, long term need, but we do just as well with startups that need to hire fast and fire fast.

Why Outsourced SDR?

To AB test your existing efforts with what we offer

•To have a shot a getting an A+Level SDR. Rare pokémon type of thing. Black swan.

•To increase your pipeline

•To get different candidates. Have variety.

•To invest less time and energy.

•To get results, for god’s sake!

Our SDRs are:

– Gritty as hell
– High IQ and EQ
– Experimenter minded
– #fast and #powerful
– Techy

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