Where SDRs, AE’s, CSMs, CRO’s and VPS colide. What methods, systems, tech and hacks do you use to be successful @ biz dev? Let’s talk and record.

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Casual talk. Brain workout. Sales Insights.
Your brain will enjoy
Lots of love
People will get to know you.

About the pod

Hello future interviewee, If you’re here it’s that I probably found you on LinkedIn and I’m always interested in exchanging with other CEOs/Founders…I probably invited you to a short podcast appearance to discuss your company, sales, growth and YOU (!), amongst other things.I’m the CEO @ TopLeads and am launching this new podcast where we discuss during 30mins interviews:
How you got there.
Growth hacks.
Sales Tips for SDR
Everything SDR

The pod is focused on bringing value to you & I, and the founders as a result. They are like fly on the walls listening as epicness unfolds.
Don’t expect boring stuff. The pod may take you out of conventional paths. You are allowed to swear. I might interupt you with love.
A podcast gets really interesting when 2 minds lose themselves in a rabbit-hole. When flow starts to happen.  
If you’re obsessed with self-improvement and love filling your brain with knowledge, this pod is for you.
Radically Transparent
We value honesty and being upfront. We do understand that some stuff should be edited, as errors happens and we all have a PR or Legal Department that may not like what you said. But let’s try to keep it as less edited as possible, as transparent as possible. We’re both here to add value. Only good vibes 🙂

More on the pod...

Very casual, very conversational, very smooth…

‍I’m launching the podcast and am quite consistent in everything I do in life, as an Ironman Finisher.

‍That means that all the first episodes may not get good traction from the start, but will certainly get tons of traction as time passes (compound effect).

I plan to get Ferris-level podcast-wise and to go full Elon-mode business-wise, yet that’s a topic for the pod…That being said, the main audience of my podcast will be SDRs, AEs, VP Sales, founders, entrepreneurs, CEOs, VCs, and C-Level folks.

About Me, Charles.

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More details…

The Interview is made on Zoom and stuff can be edited before being published. You don’t need to be prepared, although I can pre-send questions so you have time to think about them.Again, this is a very cozy talk, like if we were meeting for a beer/coffee/kombucha, nothing complicated…If you’re down with it, book something here or respond “interested” and I’ll go ahead and book a suggested time for next week.Feel free to reschedule or send me a calendar link.If not, let me know if you have someone to refer to the pod, would greatly appreciate it!Talk soon.


Questions I may ask you

This is a conversation. You can ask me questions back at any time. We can both talk about ourselves. Just make sure you ask precise / unique questions as my audience will already know lots about me.  


Where are you now?
How’s the situation there?
Describe your business in under 30 seconds.


How many meetings do you generate per week?
Who do you targetAt what price?
What’s your sales team size?
Top tips for salesTop tips for booking meetings.
How do you recruit good team members?
Your greatest business win for 2020 and 2021?
Your greatest business lost for 2020 and 2021?
I might add a bunch of questions in the process.
I’ll have your websites & social medias in front of me.*

Your greatest personal win for 2020 and 2021?
Your greatest personal loss for 2020 and 2021?
Your personal goals for 2021?
What’s your story / how did you get into the business?
What does your schedule look like / day in life?
From the time you wake up to sleep.
What do you do on weekends?
What are your core values?
What are your best habits?
What causes do you favor?
How was the school to you?
What do you wish your 20year old self knew?
Do you believe in alien life forms?
What do you think the world with look like in 20 years?
What mindset did you adopt to face problems?
What FREE stuff do you do/use that makes you happy?
Paid stuff?
Your top 3 favorite software?
Your top 3 favorite CEO/Companies?
Your favorite books and why?
How would your friends/spouse/parents describe you?
Where have you traveled and why?

I might add a bunch of questions in the process. I’ll have your websites & social media in front of me.*

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