1.TopLeads provides Cold-email services dedicated to individuals, businesses, teams, and organizations that use outbound email outreach for business-to-business (B2B) prospecting purposes or building B2B partnerships.

2. Accepting these Terms of Service along with other required legal documents constitutes a condition to use Services and each Customer is obliged to do so before accessing Our Service.

3. TopLeads reserves the right to refine or change features, modify functionality, suspend or terminate the Service or the Website. Such action may be taken without prior notice to the Customer and/or User.

4. You grant TopLeads non-exclusive, unlimited in time and territorially unlimited right to use any of Your intellectual property (including trade-marks or service-marks) and company name and display it on the TopLeads Website for promotional purposes. We reserve the right to use Your intellectual property and company name as a reference for promotional purposes on the Website and for other communication with existing and prospective TopLeads’s customers and/or users. For instance, We might list Your company on one of Our web pages or on one of the lists of TopLeads Customers. You can withdraw the consent for Us to do so anytime. Such notification may be delivered via email to 

5. All information, content, design and methods accessible through the Services as well as through Our Website are subject to the Company’s intellectual property rights (as, for example, copyright and trademarks) and are protected as so. You shall not use, download, share such content, designs or information for purposes other than related to using the Services unless You have Our written consent to do so.


1. This Agreement prohibits the use of offensive or/and obscene speech and acts that constitute discrimination both in the content created or in any other form used via Service as well as towards any employee, agent, representative or any other person related to TopLeads.

2. The protected grounds are: age; ancestry, colour, race; citizenship; ethnic origin; place of origin; creed; disability; family status; marital status (including single status); gender identity, gender expression; receipt of public assistance (in housing only); sex (including pregnancy and breastfeeding); sexual orientation.

3. Any speech regardless of written or spoken directed towards TopLeads employees, representatives of affiliates  (including but not limited to any jokes, comments) on the issues mentioned in point 2 shall not be accepted. The parties to this Agreement undertake to respect human rights and the principles of social coexistence.

4. The breach of the Agreement within the scope of point 1 justifies the immediate cessation of the provision of maintenance services and may result in the termination of the Agreement with immediate effect. In such a situation, the Customer is not entitled to any reimbursement of costs resulting from the breach of the Agreement concluded with TopLeads based on the above-mentioned provisions.



1. This Acceptable Use Policy applies to TopLeads Services, and any URLs related to the main domains, all subdomains, Blog…

2. To ensure proper functioning and maintenance of the Service, the Customer obliged not to:

a. misrepresent or hide the data origin, content, or other information submitted to the Service, among others by Spoofing, Phishing, manipulating headers or other identifiers, or impersonating anyone else.

3. The Customer shall not send via the Service or share in any other manner content which may be deemed to be malicious, illegal or inappropriate, including but not limited to:

a. content deemed to be SPAM.

b. content related to pornography, sexual content, content displaying images or texts objectively recognized as offensive or cruel;

c. content related to racism, xenophobia, discrimination, hate speech, incitement to violence;

d. content related to or inciting fraudulent behaviors.

4. The Customer is obliged to comply with this Terms of Service and subsequent documents constituting the Agreement. TopLeads  reserves the right to permanently delete or temporarily suspend the plan of a person who violates the Agreement, violates legal requirements and obligations or company security or is otherwise subject to sanctions or other business restrictions without any prior notice and shall have no responsibility for any costs arising out of the result of such deletion or suspension. Furthermore, TopLeads reserves the right not to renew the Subscription for of the Customer that fulfill the conditions as listed above.

5. The Customer is responsible for the accuracy, legality, and adequacy of data entered into the Service by the Customer, data entered into the Service by Prospects, as well as for every content shared through the Service.

6. Customers can upload documents, Prospects’ information, and other content to the Service. Customers can then use the Prospects’ information (including Personal Data), as well as all the previously updated content to communicate with Prospects via email. Customers retain all rights to all the data and content uploaded into the Service and are fully responsible for it.

7. TopLeads shall have no responsibility for how Customers process data (including Personal Data) inserted and gained through the Service. 

8. As a condition of using the Service the client shall:

a. as required by applicable law, provide notice to its Prospects and obtain consent if required to outreach to the persons;

b. be responsible for its employees, representatives, and affiliates that have access to the Services;

c. comply with any limitations or restrictions set forth in this Agreement;

d. use the Services only in compliance with applicable law both national and international including court orders (if applicable).