B2B Verticals

TopLeads goes strategically after some niches rather then others. See who we deserve below.

We’ve got a track record in the following B2B niches.
Marketing & HR Agencies
Business Coaches
Crypto Companies


•Decision maker/entrepreneurial.
•5-50 employees1M+ revenue/year.
•US preferred yet we have worldwide clients.
•Pain point: needs to find a scalable way to grow. Needs to put eggs in another lead-gen basket.
•A1 Communication.
•ABCDEFG test mentality.
•Abundance thinking. Can afford to lose money.
•Growth Mindset 🙂.
•Techy/SV Startup type/Nerd.
•Understands long term.
•Loves dataResilient.
•Can handle setbacks and rejection.

Funded SAAS
No better target then SAAS in a hurry to show growth to investors!
Decision-makers on LinkedIn
CEOs, founders, any type of VP, you name it, in the professional world, LinkedIn has it. Thanks Reid.
Companies recruiting for X Role
Companies recruiting = precursor of growth and of potential funding (before publically announced).
Companies using X technology
You might only go after a company if they use Trello, Facebook Ads or specific tech stacks on their website. We got you.
Headcounts, revenues and more...
Having multiple softwares to fetch our databases, we generally only refuse 5% of our clients for the cause of “not being able to target their core customers”. We get our data off LinkedIn, G Maps, Facebook, specific websites. We put our scrappers and manual data entry peeps at your disposal.

Pick the brain of the CEO

Hop on a quick call, get free nuggets of knowledge. No pressure, just a casual convo between 2 humans.