TopLeads is redefining remote work culture
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Our values


We value good communicators more than Top Performers.
In a remote workplace, communication is key.



We nurture our Top performers and allow them to bloom into independent leaders.



Once our colleagues leave the nest and become entrepreneurs. We cultivate our bonds and develop long lasting partnerships with them.



A business is nothing without its people.
We appreciate values and humane interactions. 


Work Perks

Working at TopLeads shouldn’t feel like a regular job, but a lifestyle.

While some people sacrifice health, others sacrifice time in exchange for money. We want to keep sacrifices to a minimum and promote a growth-oriented work experience for all our employees.

Our teams and managers are ardent supporters of the TopLeads culture and mission—
"Make an entrepreneur out of everyone we take under our wing."


We won’t give you the big salary you need to cover your expenses unless it's rent. We will give you equity if you stay and perform with us for a while. You will get a part of what you bring back to the fire. You will get rich over the medium and long term if you fully invest yourself here

Book Club

Any book you need we buy it for you. You need to show up to our weekly book club though. We love talking about our different philosophies and talk about topics outside of business. We have an intellectual culture which you’ll certainly enjoy to broaden your horizons.

Bunch of Freebies

Get all of our infoproducts for free. Get the recordings of masterminds for free. Get a bunch of valuable information that’ll help you become successful later on in life. Ask and we’ll give.

From Intern to Entrepreneur

We teach you how to become an entrepreneur. You’ll get 250% of the recipe. No BS. You’ll have access to Charles “mastermind” material and all “business insight” you need to be familiar with before starting your biz. On your first days, you even get access to exclusive Copywrite “workshops”! What do we gain from that? Well, we can partner up, invest in your business, even. We believe anyone can become a successful, free entrepreneur.

Nomad Coaching

Why wait to be a millionaire at 60 years old to start travelling the world? All you need is Topleads + your laptop. Heck, we teach you how to become a nomad. It’s mostly mindset. The rest is details. Fullfill your dream of travelling with a backpack (in luxury).

We are the sales departments of high-growth businesses

TopLeads' vision is to replace the entire sales department in growing businesses.

Our Elon Master Plan is to learn from working with different businesses, helping them grow while growing alongside them.

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