I just published a book

July 7, 2022


Yo yo yo! I’m excited today, not only because of the preworkout hanging in my veins from my 4km swim this morning, but because my team finally succeeded in publishing my first book.

Get it for free here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SlkEcBEuCbR2Vyltl4V08VY5UCzCBrxgmgS7uIBJo_E/edit?usp=sharing

It’s called “A CEO’s 167 filtered thoughts”. We might change the title with time, but the idea will remain the same. Great bedtime-tablet-reading.In there, I discuss:

Not boring HR stuff Explosive sales frameworks.

The Alpha MindsetGrowth & startupsPure and somewhat timeless wisdomFrom those that follow me anywhere, you already know that I’m a colorful character. The content that I drop is NOT the common stuff you’ll read out there. This is not yet another book you’ll forget on your kindle. This is high quality stuff that may lead to 3-10 ideas per read, and can certainly strongly impact your life/business.

If you too have a “idea testing mindset”, this book will deliver top value, more than 95% books out there. It’s kind of a Naval’s Almanack, if you’re familiar. Shortish posts. Really digestible. Not a “here’s my boring@ss story and me me me look at me” type of book.

Multiple brain snacks going right through your brain. Thousands of small new ideas to test in your life and business. Test 10, maybe 1 can significantly impact your life. That’s The Way.

All of that, for free :) Wait, but why? I’m a strong believer in open-sourcing things and giving out to humans, and making this world better. All my mentors did.

Also, the link that I shared allows you to comment on my thoughts, and you can therefore add value, to me too :) I’ve been seeking comments/feedback on my thinking since forever, and the more data I can, the better.Finally, if you get value from the content I put out there, chances are you’ll follow me on my LinkedIn, subscribe to my newsletter and my other channels. To get more of this greatness. My goal’s to create 1000 superfans by 2025.




I think I have a shot at providing very high value to entrepreneurial brains as I:

1) read a shit ton

2) synthesize my theories with action, a lot

3) Constantly AB test my theories in an international market, through my cold email work and talking to 10-15 new folks per day, and…

4) as a contrarian, tend to think differently and generate new ideas as a result.

This book is a living piece of work. My book team will be editing errors, if you can point them out, although we try to leave the work as is. If you can help them, it would be strongly appreciated.

On the roadmap ahead for the book team: Creating a cover

Being published on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited

Charles possibly commenting on some old, outdated thoughts, or just commenting as a different, hopefully evolved, more mature version of Self.

Deploying yearly, quartler, monthly, weekly, and daily ebooks. Some focused on specific life areas ie “relationships” or sub-topic area ie “cold email”. Any idea you can suggestSo yeah, download it while it’s free as the social capitalist in me might just turn trumpy one day: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SlkEcBEuCbR2Vyltl4V08VY5UCzCBrxgmgS7uIBJo_E/edit?usp=sharing

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