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Why we’re crushing it.

1. Research. We're McKinsey 2.0.
2. Copy. Optimized for cold email.
3. Getting in the inbox like Bruce Lee.
4. ABCDFG testing. Yeah. We do that.


full freedom :)

We're known for our ability to scientifically test campaigns, but also setting you up with your own lead gen machine / account. Yep, it's all yours, you have the key to the system and can fly by your own wings anytime we want.

But hey, we won't leave you until you want us too. We'll work for you until you get the results you expected + when you feel your truly ready to scale cold email by your down.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Tim Keen, CEO of Loop Club
Charles is a true entrepreneur. He has a knack for finding opportunity and making complex things simple. His approach to lead gen is extremely effective and scalable. He is 1000% committed and will help you level up. Definitely got massive ROI from this engagement.
Ves Georgiev, CEO of Passion4Growth
Charles is a person who has great skills and deep experience in advanced business solutions. He is a detail-oriented, target-oriented, and ambitious business owner, his knowledge is vast and extensive. Charles leads by example and many pall members of at Leadgency find his enthusiasm and dedication both inspiring and motivating. Energetic and broad-minded founder – that’s him! Detail-oriented team player. He absolutely shines in a hectic environment. Definitely worth recommending.
Matthew Lukanoff, VP of Sales at Dopamine
Charles is an absolute go-getter and creator of value. He brings people together and makes 1+1=3. He is an expert at lead generation and creating the most engaging processes of booking calls for clients.
Jess Stroh, Founder of Strohsight

I have been a client of Charles’ at TopLeads and have been please with the results his team has produced. When the monthly promise had not yet been met, they continued to work with me at no additional fee until the promise had been completed.
James Eldert, BDM at CYMI Canada

I was a little confused about the whole idea, but we had our first meeting with a pretty high-level person (a Vice President) within a week. And we got 10 more meetings within a month using TopLeads™ cold emailing service.
We only work with the following niches
• Agencies (TikTok agencies, e-com agencies, performance agencies, influencer marketing agencies…)
• SAAS (HealTech, EdTech, FinTech, MarTech, healtech)
• Funded Startups
• Social Startups
• web3 Startups
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