TOP 5 enemy of founder.

October 7, 2022

Paralysis by analysis, top 5 enemy of the founder.Our brain has defense mechanisms preventing us from greatness.Shut down the "what if's" by actually putting action, and like a scientist, observing the data.Detaching the human element from the equation, you will find it not only more appealing, but your business will grow substantially more."My reputation will be affected if I miss." Correction: humans only care about themselves and have very poor memories. Unless you deeply offend them (quite a hard thing to do, especially in B2B world), you can stop overthinking and act on that cold email campaign of yours.Test various segment outs, and make an inform conclusion afterwards.Remove yourself and your ego from your business. Become a scientist running a lab. This is how business works.Your business success therefore revolves around how many tests you can scientifically deploy in the right framework.

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